The coated shot has been at the forefront of shotgun cartridge technology since the 1950s, with manufacturers testing metals such as copper, nickel, and gold.Leading such innovations, Eley Hawk has worked with copper-coated shot since 1992. The first of its product range to incorporate the technology was the Classic Game paper case, with the latest being the Zenith.

Due to the harder compound of the element, copper reduces pellet deformation as the shot goes down the barrel and through the choke of the gun. This ensures it maintains a superior pattern during flight, resulting in more shot-on-target and a bigger impact on the quarry, delivering clean kills and impressive stopping power at all ranges.

Eley Hawk’s copper-coated cartridges

Eley Zenith

Eley’s premier game shooting cartridge. The copper-coated lead shot offers optimum ballistics and patterning for grouse and other gamebirds. The Zenith will deliver the high point to anyone’s shooting day and is now available in both 12 and 20-bore with an array of loads and shot sizes.

Eley Hawk Zenith

Zenith Pro Eco

Taking the already outstanding properties of the fibre wad option to the next level, the Zenith Pro Eco combines the superior patterning qualities of the copper-coated lead shot with a hydrosoluble shot cup to provide unmatched ballistics at range while supporting environmentally friendly credentials. Available in 12 gauge and loaded with 36g and shot size 4 for more extreme ranges.

Eley Hawk Zenith Pro Eco wad