Drennan Kenderdine puts the new Fiocchi Official Rossa 28g cartridge to the test in this detailed review... and has only positive things to report!

When the goliath Italian ammunition maker Fiocchi launches a new shotgun cartridge, the world takes note. Fortunately for me, Fiocchi UK is just a few miles away in my home county, so acquiring some of these official Rossa was easy. The team at Fiocchi UK were undoubtedly confident in their new 28g version of the Official Rossa, and were super-keen for me to go and give them a whirl around some of the UK’s shooting grounds, both on Trap and Sporting. 

The Official Rossa comes in packaging that you’d expect from Fiocchi – in other words, it’s all bling and swagger, and you know the Italians have designed this extravaganza, because who else could? It certainly ranks high for the artwork, but that never says anything about the performance of the shell inside the box.

The Official Rossa boasts the distinctive carmine-red case, which is supported by a 22mm brass head. This combination shouts out strength and quality, not to mention it looks the biz! 

At the time of writing this, it’s only available in one shot size: No.7.5. This shot size extends to the Official Rossa 24g as well. Again, it seems an odd choice to me to only have one size of pellet, but do read on to see my final conclusion, and don’t let this deter you with thoughts that it’s not capable of blitzing Trap and Sporting targets, because it does that exceptionally well.  

This cartridge incorporates a dedicated cupped plastic wad, exclusive powder and bronze-coated lead from the Fiocchi bullet technology range. The bronze-coated lead shot creates a smoother surface and better penetration – and, therefore, higher energy retention, so delivery of the shot and its patterning is exceptional.

The 28g has a velocity of 1,325 fps with a pressure of 620 bar. Now, in all honesty, that doesn’t exactly sound that impressive, with most competition cartridges leaving the Official Rossa standing still like a tortoise racing a hare. However, speed is only part of the picture... 

The delivery to target, as mentioned above, is phenomenal, and this comes from the most noticeable characteristics of recoil and muzzle flip being tamed down to a level of perfection. Combine that with their bullet technology bronze-coated shot, and you’ve got a class cartridge setting a benchmark some cartridges can only aspire to. 

Having shot these both at Trap and Sporting on several grounds, I’ve found them to be an absolute delight to shoot. Yes, the delivery is a little slower than most cartridges, but it’s going to take a well-seasoned professional to really notice the difference, especially on targets that are in sensible range, as opposed to those that, quite frankly, are so far out that they’ve been included more for luck than to test the skill of the shooter.  

This is a cartridge that has a brilliant blend of components to cover both Trap and Sporting disciplines, and being in only one shot size (7.5) actually eliminates all the questioning that goes on in your mind – do I need 8s or 9s? Perhaps 7? No... 6.5... no, wait, I’ve actually no sodding idea! 
This cartridge does all that thinking, and performing, for you! 

RRP: £275 per 1,000  |  fiocchi.com/en/