A hunter’s quest is littered with pitfalls. He must be at one with his environment, learn to see what can’t be seen and to listen to the silence. The X-Bolt Pro Carbon 2 gives you success on a plate.

Even lighter than the original version, the X-Bolt Pro Carbon 2 is a blend of accuracy, lightness and elegance.

The X-Bolt have a double bedding. A free-floating barrel is essential for utmost accuracy. The X-Bolt SF’s free-floating barrel is perfect due to double bedding i.e. positioning of the barrel/breech block assembly at two points with respect to the forearm, at the front and at the rear.

The bolt-unlocking button works in conjunction with the safety to provide and added degree of safety. The bolt can be opened without removing the safety.

The barrel is threaded for the addition of a sound moderator or muzzle brake at the end of the barrel.

The X-Bolt Pro Carbon is available in 5 calibers.

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