On Tuesday 14 March MPs debated the future of food labelling in a Westminster Hall Debate led by Julian Sturdy MP...

(Original article from Countryside Alliance)

The Countryside Alliance has campaigned for better food labelling for many years, including its ‘Honest, Fair, Simple’ campaign which was launched in 2011, and worked closely with Julian and his office ahead of the debate.

The Farming Minister, George Eustice MP, responded to the debate by saying that consumer confidence is vital and stated that after leaving the EU there will be “an opportunity to do things differently, to improve things and to bring clearer labelling in some areas”.

The Minister said: “It would be hard to extend country of origin [labelling] to all processed meats”. He stressed the importance of voluntary schemes in this area and did not rule out extending mandatory requirements, stating: “I’m always open to try and strengthen consumer transparency and if there is a way of going further we will look at that”.