Gaim pretty much created the market for VR shooting simulators, and a fine job they made of it, as you may recall from my original Gaim VR review in the October 2023 issue of SG. However, Gaim are now facing some stiff competition from the likes of Clay Hunt VR, a shotgun-only challenger that’s also taking full advantage of the latest VR technology.

The transition from the Meta Quest 2 to the Quest 3 wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Gaim, with a three-month delay between the headset’s launch and the arrival of the Quest 3 update. However, the initial technical challenges have now been resolved and Gaim have taken the opportunity to completely revamp the app, graphics and animation to make the most of the Quest 3’s much improved performance.

On the hardware side there’s only one major change, in the form of an updated front controller mount that will ship as standard with all new stocks and is also being provided free to any existing customers upgrading to the new VR headset.

A slight change to the profile of the new controllers meant that Q3 cameras were struggling to track points on the controller, which on occasion caused some drifting in certain sims. The new mount fixes that problem and securely locks down your virtual sight picture.

Software update

This upgrade is all about the Quest 3 and has been designed to exploit its improved processing power. It will work fine with a Quest 2, but there’s a distinct improvement in the quality, smoothness and believability of the animation, especially in regard to your animated quarry.

As well as the improved animation, the graphical user interface (GUI) has also been upgraded with a new carousel-style home screen providing access and fine-tuning to an expanding array of simulations. There have also been enhancements to the AI aspects of the sims. For example, rapid-fire shooting causes more disturbance to the virtual quarry. Shoot more selectively and a whitetail, for example, will still run initially but will now settle more quickly if you’re a little more selective, just as it might in a real- world shooting scenario.

There are upgrades to the account management and multiplayer modes, plus additions to the sims themselves, with trap shooting and superb pigeon shooting. Gaim will also be introducing walked-up rough shooting in the autumn, featuring hare, fox and roe as the available quarry.

They are also expanding their activities in military training, but it’s very unlikely these close-quarter battle (CQB) simulations (Gaim Pro) will appear in the civilian version of the simulator. Having said that, there are plans for an AR-15 style hardware controller later in the year that should be better suited to the IPSC and steel-shooting sims already present on the platform.

I find that the freeze-frame ghosted overlay for each shot is still one of the major strengths of the Gaim system, enabling you to adjust your lead better in the driven hunts, bird and clay-shooting sims. At present it’s a feature that Clay Hunt VR doesn’t support in its hunting environments, although it does have post-shot analysis as an option in its clay shooting simulations.

Final thoughts

So is the upgraded version of the Gaim VR system a success? Most definitely. The graphical, animation and user interface improvements of the software are a major step forward and have definitely taken advantage of the added power provided by the Quest 3. It’s been a long wait, but it’s been well worth it.

Compared with Clay Hunt VR, the Gaim system is an expensive option, but it’s the only application on the market that exploits the power of the Meta Quest 3 to create both rifle- and shotgun-related virtual worlds The Gaim VR system delivers an infinite supply of ammo, accurate ballistics and endless training opportunities, including the option in certain instances to construct your own custom training scenarios. In addition there are a wide range of highly challenging and realistic immersive environments that allow you to dramatically improve your real- world shooting, all from the comfort of your own home.

Gaim 1
A new interface and config options, the addition of an impressive pigeon sim,                              
plus superb post-shot analysis for both rifle and shotgun                                                


I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to a driven hunt hosted by Browning in central France recently, with the purpose being to try out the new Maral 4X straight- pull and Bar4X semi-auto centrefires in the field. I’m certainly no driven-hunt specialist, so prior to the event I fired-up the Gaim system and created a Pro Sim training scenario consisting of wild boar, red deer and roe (the expected quarry) to practise my skills prior to the event.

The best tactic on any driven hunt is to monitor the beating line closely, but it’s always worth taking an occasional look over your shoulder on the off chance that something wanders into your field of fire.

At the shoot I did exactly that. A quick glance to the rear and there it was, a roe about 70m out and at 45° to my peg heading straight for me at full tilt. I’ve no idea what it was running from, but it was certainly making a concerted effort to get away from something.

At 35m out it spotted me and jinked hard left, presenting a perfect broadside as it crossed directly in front of me at full speed. I shouldered the gun, levelled the crosshairs just ahead of its chest and fired. The shot hit home and the roe crumpled to the ground.

Would have I made that shot without practising in VR in advance? It’s impossible to say, but I can tell you that I was far more confident and prepared than I would have been otherwise, And as we all know, confidence is everything when it comes to shooting sports.

With the drive complete, I crossed the ride to inspect my prize alongside several beaters, all of whom were keen to offer their congratulations. Rolling over my small prize revealed a perfect chest shot – the icing on the cake and I suspect a VR assisted shot that I’ll never forget.


Gaim Complete
GAIM wooden rifle GAIM training handgun Two GAIM triggers
All scenarios
Price: €976 (excludes import tax)

Gaim Hunting 
GAIM wooden rifle GAIM trigger
10 scenarios in sport shooting and hunting
Price: €472 (excludes import tax)

Gaim Clay
GAIM wooden rifle GAIM trigger
8 scenarios in clay shooting and bird hunting
Price: €440 (excludes import tax) Various combo packages are available on request