Everything you need to start clay shooting, for under £1000... Here you’ll find all the inexpensive kit you need to start your clay shooting career, and where to buy it

credit: Archant

When starting from scratch at a sport like shooting, you may get the overwhelming feeling that in order to succeed you should have all the latest and most expensive gear. Well, to prove to you this isn’t the case, we’ll show you that with a budget of around £1,000 you can bag all the necessities needed to get started with clay shooting. To make life easier, here is a list with products you can buy at an affordable price, and links to where you can get them from.

* Second hand Webley & Scott 20-bore shotgun

RRP: £545

* Ear defenders

RRP: £23.50

* Shooting glasses

RRP: £29.95

* Skeet vest

RRP: £45.00

* Foldable shotgun slip

RRP: £20.00

* Cartridge bag

RRP: £23.50

* One year’s membership to a shooting school

RRP: £150 (includes one free lesson and discounted rates thereafter)

Alternatively, head to your local gunshop where you should be able to find a range of affordable products and where someone of experience can help you choose a gun.

The Oxford Gun Company has a fantastic range and owner Doug has plenty of experience to help you make the best choices.