If you’re taking your kids on a shoot, keep them warm and dry with Seeland

It’s all well and good kitting yourself out with the latest clobber, but if you plan on attending shoots with brood in tow then the brood, like yourself, must be suitably clad; proper protection from the elements is an absolute must. Featuring a tough, water- and windproof Seetex membrane, classical styling and spacious pockets ideal for cartridges, the Seeland Woodcock suit is all your child needs to look smart and stay dry and protected while out on a shoot. The trousers have adjustable hemlines to allow for growth spurts, and the jacket’s fleece-lined pockets will be sure to keep little hands warm in chilly weather. The Breeks also allow for growing girls and boys with an elasticated waist and, like the trousers, adjustable hemlines.

RRP: Jacket £89.99, Trousers £69.99, 
Breeks £49.99 in sizes 4-16 years