My VR odyssey continues, but this time with a twist. While the Real Stock Pro and Duck Hunt VR stocks for the Quest 2/3 VR headset opt for cloning the weight and feel of a real-world shotgun, the ProtubeVR ForceTube offers a radically different lightweight approach – with the added appeal of recoil!

I was a little sceptical about the ForceTube. However, it’s flagged as a contender on the Clay Hunt VR landing page, so it caught my attention, especially with its party trick of simulating recoil.

The USB powered unit at the back of the stock is dedicated entirely to that function, triggering a gentle thump to the shoulder every time a shot is fired. Setup is simple courtesy of a link to the Bluetooth preferences in Clay Hunt VR, so you can pair the two in seconds.

How realistic is the recoil? I’ll be honest, it certainly isn’t the wallop of a heavy game load, but it’s an interesting addition, more akin to a .410 firing subsonics than a traditional 12-bore.

The implementation is pretty good, with very little lag between pulling the trigger and the thump in the shoulder. Does it make the experience more immersive?

Not particularly in my opinion. It’s a nice addition, but if you’re looking for realism you’d be better served with either of its two competitors minus the recoil.

If the addition of recoil isn’t a game- changer, is there any point to the ForceTube for a dedicated shooter looking to improve? Surprisingly there is. What it lacks in added immersion it gains in usability.

I was very surprised how much I like and indeed use the ForceTube. Having the perfect gun fit, weight and balance can be a double- edged sword, as extended practice sessions can be exhausting.

In the virtual world there’s no hanging around waiting for your turn. You can (and do) take shot after shot, either practising a tricky pair or flying through a simulated course. After half an hour in the sim you’re often sweating and exhausted. It’s no mean feat swinging a 9lb simulated clay gun around continuously for that length of time and that’s where, surprisingly, the ForceTube scores highly.

You may not be getting a 100% accurate practice session, but if you’re looking to improve your understanding and application of lead and how to transition between targets it’s very handy. You can easily practise at the same pace for an hour or more, which would be very hard work with a fully weighted gun.

It’s a great tool for extended practice sessions, beginners, smaller shooters or ladies who find a fully weighted gun too much, and your newly acquired skills will translate well when you move on to a heavier rig or a real-world gun.

ProTubeVR offers a whole host of gun stocks. This top-of-the-range model has a very well-built, ultra-lightweight carbon chassis, but due to recoil system it’s expensive. However, even a basic ProtubeVR rig would still be of real benefit and offer a sizeable saving.

If you’re a VR shooting generalist, the ForceTube also has the benefit of working in a wide range of games on the Quest. The controller handles also have a quick-release magnetic design and can be pulled off the stock – just in case you ever need to reach for your side arm!Tech Spec