HIKMICRO unveil it’s latest thermal and night vision technology at the British Shooting Show (BSS) 2024, held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham from February 23rd to 25th.

In recent years, HIKMICRO has been relentless in its pursuit of improvement, continuously developing products to remain at the forefront of technology and cater perfectly to the needs of even the most discerning users. At their booth E2, HIKMICRO featured a dedicated New Product section, attracting attendees for a final look at the company’s newest innovations. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the latest products firsthand and engage with brand experts to discuss the most recent technological advancements. A notable addition this year was the introduction of a night vision tunnel, allowing visitors to witness the remarkable capabilities of the technology before making a decision.

Here are five key takeaways that could potentially shape the future of the thermal industry:

ALPEX 4K - Redefining the 24/7 Hunting Game

HIKMICRO ALPEX series set a new standard for digital hunting optics when it was launched in 2022. It was named Best Night Vision Product at the 2023 British Shooting Awards. This advanced digital day and night vision scope builds on a winning formula with even higher specification and upgraded performance in every area.

The ALPEX 4K is equipped with a 3840 x 2160 UHD detector and 3.5 - 28x continuous magnification, the ALPEX 4K covers every hunting scenario with precision. Its 0.49’’ 1920 x 1080 sub-round large OLED display unlocks a new observation perspective, giving a 15.3m field of view at 100m. This is boosted by F1.2 - F2.5 adjustable aperture which can be utilised to eliminate overexposure and enhance depth of field for unparalleled daytime hunting. This combination of a wide field of view, 4K image quality and powerful zoom reveals the target in phenomenally fine detail, enabling the hunter to observe features such as fur and antlers for clear quarry identification.

There are two models of the ALPEX 4K, the A50E and the A50EL, the latter of which features a built-in laser rangefinder. This feature shows precise distance to target out to 1000m and accurate to +/-1m - at the press of a button. The device’s Integrated Ballistic Calculator can then be used to adjust the point of aim to compensate for bullet-drop, keeping shots right on target even at extreme range.

LYNX 2.0 & STELLAR 2.0 - Expanding the 20mK thermal line-up

The eagerly-awaited update to the best-selling compact thermal spotter, now LYNX 2.0 is equipped with a high-sensitivity sub-20mK thermal module. This advancement combines with 384x288 resolution 12μm detector and 1024x768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display to deliver detailed, informative images for clear observation and confident target identification in all weather. This device is powered by a replaceable rechargeable battery which gives up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation.

All this performance has been built into a compact, pocket-sized monocular that weighs just 277g. Lightweight and easy to carry, the LYNX 2.0 has been designed with excellent balance and feels great in the hand.

The STELLAR SQ50 2.0, delivers market-leading sub-20mK viewing in a unit and backs up by a 640×512 resolution 12 μm detector thermal detector, 50mm F1.0 lens and 1920 x 1080 0.49-inch semi-round OLED display to deliver stunning image quality with a detection range of up to 2600m. These features are enhanced by the Image Pro algorithm and result in exceptionally sharp viewing with vivid, informative, layered images for detailed target recognition even in the hardest weather conditions.

Two rechargeable internal lithium batteries and one replaceable rechargeable battery work with the STELLAR 2.0's ultra-low power consumption system to give a continuous runtime of up to 11 hours, so you will never miss out on that precious hunting experience. The STELLAR 2.0 boasts 15.4x19.2m field of view at 100m and 3.3-26.4x (8x) magnification to cover everything from close-range shooting demanding fast target acquisition to high-precision long-range hunting.

With their sub-20mK performance and remarkable image quality, these two products make for an exceptional hunting combo. The compact, lightweight LYNX 2.0 thermal monocular is easy to carry, and its excellent viewing experience makes it easy to spot and identify targets. Then switch over to the super-clear, ultra-precise STELLAR 2.0. This scope's remarkable clarity and leading features facilitate safe, responsible accurate shooting to keep your right on target.

HABROK - Transforming outdoor adventures

The HABROK elevates the standard for binoculars by offering an unmatched observation experience around the clock. Its integrated dual-system, multi-spectrum technology positions it as an essential tool for outdoor hunting.

  • Thermal Imaging Finds More

The HABROK works in any light, sees in shadows and through foliage.

  • Digital Optical Sees More. 

The HABROK adjusts for lighting and contrast and zooms digitally.

HABROK incorporate HIKMICRO's own NETD<20mK thermal sensor. Once you have spotted a subject in the high-performance thermal mode, this all-powerful binocular unit can be switched to its daytime viewing mode for detailed observation and identification in vibrant full-colour. When darkness closes in, the HABROK gives you full infrared night vision capability, Infrared viewing comes with 850nm or 940nm options. Day and night viewing is enriched by a host of pioneering functions, including a 1000m laser rangefinder. Based on extensive analysis of thermal images, Zoom Pro eliminates pixilation to ensure that images remain ultra-clear even at higher magnification, while Image Pro ensures maximum digital image optimisation and provides high-quality rendering of both target objects and the background landscape.

The HABROK's powerful 0.001Lux 2560x1440 HD resolution Digital Starlight Camera is optimised to relay bright, vivid images by day as well as in very low-light conditions - automatic adjustment and optimisation for lighting and contrast deliver unparalleled viewing at dawn and in twilight.

All this remarkable performance is built into a device which looks and handles just like traditional binoculars. Weighing less than 780g and enhanced by thoughtful ergonomic design.

For more information, visit HIKMICRO Outdoor UK.