Product News - March 2012

Stop Press!Just in time for going to press, we have heard that Highland Outdoors have some great new lines on offer for 2012. First up is the long awaited Sonic 45 Moderator. There are also top-quality Bell and Carlson composite rifle stocks for the Howa M1500 and Weatherby Vanguard ranges.Finally, the latest 2012 line up of knives from Buffalo River – with everything from Damascus steel folders to rubber-handled butchery blades, Buffalo River has it covered. We will be bringing you a full range of reviews very soon.

Lighting InterceptorThere have been great leaps in lamping technology in recent years, notable in terms of LED illumination and battery technology. Cluson Engineering’s latest Clulite offering, the Interceptor Gun Light seems to combine everything that is good in one neat package. It has a tight and powerful 300m beam, easy switching between high and low power, a quick charge time and three hours continuous high power use from a single charge.It is very light, too, just a pound in weight including the batteries. It comes with a range of filters and can be used as a hand-held lamp with the (included) handle, as well as a gun mounted item. We have tried it for rabbit shooting already and will be trying it out on the foxes, too, where it’s impressive range will come in handy. We will let you know how we get on. The Interceptor package costs �180. Find out more at:



Ultimate defenceI know we bang on about looking after your hearing but you only get one chance to preserve it so it seems crazy to risk permanent damage. These superb MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X electronic earmuffs are absolutely top-notch. Unlike some systems which simply cut sounds above 82dB, the MSA Sordins compress it instead so you hear everything but without risking your eardrums. The quality of the sound amplification is fantastic. Crisp, clear, distortion free and offering excellent stereo performance they also endow you with super hearing, meaning that if you wear them in the office, it is possible to hear whether or not Wendy in accounts fancies you or not (she doesn’t). You get up to 600 hours from two AAA batteries and unlike some devices, these have an auto shut-off facility if you forget to switch them off after a round of clays. They are comfortable to wear, extremely light and slim enough not to interfere with your gun mount.There is a superb five year manufacturer’s warranty and even an audio lead that allows you to listen to your MP3 player through them. These are quite an investment at �183.50 (plus VAT)  but are without doubt the best performing device of this type that we have yet tried.