Lintran has added new dog transit units and gun storage drawers to its range to cater to the more rounded shape of newer 4x4s

credit: Archant

The latest styles of 4x4s on the market often feature more rounded shapes – which makes finding room for gun storage and our companions in the field that little bit trickier.

Thankfully, Lintran have expanded their range of gun storage boxes and dog transit units with this issue in mind, adding side stacker units, for guns and equipment, and a new line of dog transit units to its portfolio.

credit: Archant

Side stacker units

With new extending drawers, shooters can now keep their guns whole between drives. These units are ideal for a shooting day, and they easily revert to their regular size for everyday use.

The drawer unit extends over just the one seat, and is neatly concealed, so that other seats are still usable on the day. After the drives, the unit retracts, allowing all seats to become available as normal. Using this method, the space that remains allows ample height for the dog’s comfort and safety.

These drawer units come with a choice of finishes.

RRP: from £875

Dog transit units

Light, cool, safe, washable and easy to transport and store away, if required. The box comes complete with a neat top-tray, non-slip mat in the base and an escape hatch as standard.

The Universal model (available in a range of sizes) fits in many vehicles, and the medium can take one or two spaniel-sized dogs. A divider is available as an optional extra. All units are custom-made to suit the dogs and equipment.

RRP: from £450