Drennan Kenderdine puts the new Lyalvale Exress Super Comp Bior cartridge to the test on a range of clay targets and finds it to be an absolute winner!

credit: Archant

Bior! What sort of word is that for a cartridge? According to ancient scriptures, bior translates as ‘gift of God’, and there was never a more apt meaning than that. Time to meet the Super Comp Bior! Yes, Lyalvale Express already has an extensive Super Comp range, so what sets this Bior apart from the rest? A lot! The spec of this little gem is fantastic – from its shot to its engine. Everything is explicitly designed for close-range targets while having the legs to tackle shots out to 35m.

The Bior comes loaded with Super Tempered Shot, the same shot found in Express’s flagship Supreme range. I love that it comes in one pellet size, No.8½, giving the Bior the highest standards of uniform shot and patterns. The cartridge formulation allows you to attack targets covering a multitude of variations and disciplines, such as English Sporting, Compak Sporting, Sportrap, Trap and simulated game. Testing through the range of chokes from Cylinder up to ‘bricked in’ (Full), the Bior gave ferocious breaks and didn’t leave anything for my marker to ponder. Kill!

The Bior wad opened the shot pattern up quickly and proved advantageous on rabbits. It has a more progressive burning powder than the standard Super Comp, making the first barrel kills more explosive while dissipating recoil, and allowing barrel placement for the second target to be quicker. I noticed a reduction in muzzle flip, aiding me in maintaining my line of sight and barrel swing for the next shot. The speed of the second shot was phenomenally quick, especially on pairs. I was often finding myself engaging the second target metres closer because both eye and barrel speed was accelerated. Homage paid here to the Super Comp Bior for giving such performance to both the gun and shooter!

All in all, the new Super Comp Bior cartridge fits in well with the already established and award-winning Super Competition range. It will benefit an array of disciplines and types of shooters. I think the Bior loaded only in an 8½ will greatly aid many a shooter when it comes to choosing which shot size to use; these cartridges take away all that decision making, freeing your mind to concentrate on the clay – as such, it is an excellent confidence booster.

With its unrivalled performance and consistent ballistics, you know you’ve got something special. Designed by Britain’s finest manufacturer, the Super Competition range leads shooters to success time and time again, and the Super Comp Bior truly is a gift of God.

RRP: £260 per thousand