The goal of MegaVR is simply to recreate your real-world shogun in the virtual world. It joins the fray alongside the Real Stock Pro in this quest, but this time it’s a UK company behind the wheel – or I should say the gun.

Both stocks strive to achieve the same goal via a custom framework that you can adjust precisely by adding weights and altering the gun fit. Where Real Stock Pro goes with a combination of 3D-printed components, a wooden rear stock and forend, plus a touch of rubber on an aluminium frame, Mega VR takes an entirely 3D-printed approach with everything bolted together onto an extremely sturdy box frame.

In terms of adjustability there’s very little between the two. If you add the optional extras to the basic Real Stock Pro, including an adjustable comb riser, adjustable butt pad and weight pack, which add £65 to the £201 for the stock itself, both systems are fairly comparable in terms of price.

MegaVR pretty much ships with all these adjustability extras as standard, although the additional weight packs are sold separately, ranging from £44 (8.4lb) to £69 for the super heavyweight kit (10lb max weight), making it the slightly the more expensive of the two. Having said that, you’ll be dealing with a
UK company when it comes to spares and repairs, which you may want to factor into a final buying decision.

In my experience you spend roughly 20 minutes bolting both systems together and the next two hours or more tinkering with and fettling the gun fit to exactly match your real-world shotgun. The weight packs on both systems allow you to get an identical overall weight and balance. I used the MegaVR stock to replicate my Blaser F16 game gun, which weighs 7lb 2oz.


In terms of fine-tuning, the MegaVR is excellent. In fact it’s far more adjustable than most skeletonised real-world shotguns, allowing you to tweak every element with millimetre precision. You can even add a touch of cast. Length of pull, comb height and angle, butt pad angle and size – it’s all available courtesy of knurled adjusters.

In terms of feel, it’s superb once you’re mirrored your actual gun. The forend is a bit of a beavertail (flat bottomed), due to the internal weight bar, and it does feel like a polymer/plastic, as opposed to Real Stock Pro’s rounded wooden forend. But once you are in the sim it’s not something you particularly notice.

The MegaVR butt pad is the only thing I’d like to see improved, as this again is 3D printed rather than rubber and doesn’t have quite the feel of a traditional pad when you initial mount the gun. I’ve raised this point with the manufacturers and they’re already working on a softer, more textured, pad.

Having said that, it wouldn’t be a big deal to add a third-party recoil pad if you really wanted that traditional rubber feel.

All in all, the MegaVR is a superb addition to VR’s growing arsenal of stocks and the perfect partner for Clay Hunt VR. Great engineering and adjustability, with a very sturdy build quality. Highly recommended.


Product: MegaVR Duck Hunter 
Price: £265 – add-on weight packs and colour options available
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All the adjustment you could ever need to emulate your real-world shootin’ iron!