I am new to fox calling and want to learn more... are there training courses I can go on to learn to call foxes more effectively? Andy Crow replies

Q: Are there any training courses out there for people like me who want to learn more about fox calling?

Andy Crow replies: Not that I know of. I learned from experienced shooters when I was younger, from trial and error over the years and I just practiced squeaking on the back of my hand until I was good at it. There are lots of videos on YouTube nowadays that will give you some clues on what to do. If you can’t use a call very well yourself, there are loads of great electronic callers on the market that make all the right sounds and can be operated by remote control.

It is important to learn the ground that you shoot on and also to understand how the wind and weather are going to impact on your tactics. But most of all, it is a learning process and you should enjoy the journey. Nobody gets it right every time and if you learn something, even from a blank night, then it is never a wasted trip.