James Penny has come from a 25-year career in the manufacturing industry, making parts for motor racing and aerospace. He has been a keen hunter from an early age, so to make the most of both of these passions he has now struck out on his own to forge a new career as a bladesmith mainly producing hunting knives as well as some fantastic kitchen knives. James uses a range of wood and synthetic material for handle scales, and the types of wood used includes:  

Dyed maple burr  
Circassian walnut burr
Masur birch  
Old grown redwood burr

All knives are supplied with a Kydex or full leather sheath, in which you can have a say in the design and finish.

James's kitchen knives are made using a British stainless steel called SF100

Within the standard range, there are three sizes of the Drop Point Hunter Knives available, 3" 4" and 5" blade lengths and also a slimmed down version that has a 4.5" blade length. This was originally a prototype for wild boar but it has proven to be perfect for gralloching medium to large-sized deer.

James uses mainly AEB-L stainless steel on the hunting Drop Point Hunters, but carbon steel is also available. When making chef or kitchen knives, he uses a British stainless steel called SF100, originally used for razor blades.

Our conclusion? Some of the best handmade knives on the market.