Gamebore Gamebore Dark Storm Precision Steel loads

Gamebore’s 12-bore 3" Magnum Dark Storm Precision Steel cartridges feature Gamebore’s exclusive Bio Wad – a full-cup wad which is 100% environmentally safe. A high-performance steel load, with 35g of Precision Steel shot available in sizes No.3, 2 & 1, it is perfect for all types of wildfowl. For HP Steel cartridges, ensure the gun is suitable for HP Steel and is stamped with a fleur-de-lys symbol. Proof house guidance suggests a maximum of Half choke is used for all steel cartridges. 

Beretta Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus

Made with wildfowling in mind, the A400 Xtreme Plus is chambered for 3.5" magnum rounds and equipped with Beretta’s famous Steelium Plus barrels, which are designed to reduce recoil/muzzle flip and which are, of course, proofed for high-performance steel.

The felt recoil from those big duck and goose rounds is further reduced by the new Kick Off Mega – a recoil reduction system mounted just behind the grip, meaning only the hand moves backwards upon firing while the stock remains firmly to the cheek.

With a raised rib, large ejection port, oversized bolt handle and release button for easy operation in all conditions, plus the synthetic waterproof finish, the A400 Xtreme Pro really is a wildfowler’s dream. Stock up those magnum rounds and head to the foreshore!

Available in Bottom Land camo (featured) with 28" or 30" barrels, in left- or right-hand specification. £2,050

Franchi New model Franchi Affinity Elite 3 and 3.5 

With a super tough, corrosion-resistant Cerakote finish on the action and barrel, the new model Franchi Affinity Elite in OPTIFADE Marsh Camo is designed to be used and abused in the harshest conditions. Ideal for wildfowling with a 28" barrel proofed for high performance steel, the Affinity Elite comes in two options (the Affinity Elite 3 or 3.5, denoting either 3" or 3.5" chambers), and features an oversized bolt handle which is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. The fibre-optic red front bead aids acquisition of the bird in low light conditions, while the action is reliable and smooth.

A great-looking gun that will take you from the hide to the foreshore, and back again. Comes with multi-chokes and a seven-year warranty on all working parts – now how’s that for peace of mind!?

Available in OPTIFADE Marsh pattern Camo (with Bronze Cerakote metal parts); or OPTIFADE Timber pattern Camo (with Cobalt Cerakote metal parts). £1,050