Vic’s picks of the top loads for the club shooter

credit: Archant

Hull Cartridge Super Fast

For the clubman who can’t shoot his targets fast enough, the Super Fast load should please him. With a muzzle velocity of 1500fps there is no excuse for missing behind. Premium cartridge performance at a budget price, they are made with all the care and attention for quality for which this famous manufacturer is renowned. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5 from £166.50-£178.50.

Hull Cartridge Comp X

credit: Archant

The natural choice for many clubmen, Comp X has over the years gained an enviable reputation for providing regular ballistics and moderate recoil. Such is the consistency of this load, its reputation extends well beyond the bounds of club land. Many CPSA-registered shooters, for whom clay target shooting is a serious business, look no further than this modestly priced winner. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5 and 9 from £155.75-£189.75.

Eley First

A well priced cartridge that packs a punch and springs a surprise. One clubman of my acquaintance delights in demonstrating what this cartridge from the UK’s oldest manufacturer can do. His ultimate exploit to date has been to shoot 25-straight on some really good Olympic Trap targets, and yes he used the 24g load as the rules stipulate. So then, the requirements of range, pattern and hitting power can be purchased at a modest price if you choose Eley First. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5, 8 and 9 from £178.25 -£192.25.

Eley Olympic Blues

A legend is going to cost a little more, but that’s what Eley Blues represent. A favourite of top British Olympic Trap shooters in the 1970s, but they have more than nostalgia to offer. Delivering an muzzle velocity of 1400fps with a 2¾” case and plastic wad provides performance that will constantly break targets at long ranges and put a smile on the clubman’s face. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5, 8 and 9 from £191-£203.50.

Gamebore Velocity

Another cartridge for the clubman shooter with an excellent pedigree. Gamebore’s reputation for high quality ammunition is maintained in this budget priced clay target load. Its 28g shot load is propelled at 1400fps and that was more than enough to convincingly shatter some quick Universal Trap targets at my local shooting ground. Equally effective on a variety of Sporting targets and some pattern testing later revealed why. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5 from £163.75-£177.

Fiocchi top one

This month I am pleased to welcome a distinguished Italian manufacturer to our cartridge feature. Founded in 1876, Fiocchi Munizioni is a major manufacturer and a worldwide player in the market with factories in Italy and the USA. The UK subsidiary was established in 2007 and Fiocchi shotgun ammunition now has a reputation in the UK at every level of competition. The entry Top One loads available in 24 and 28g with plastic or fibre wad are smooth, very clean burning cartridges with low recoil. I used them with the Beretta 692 Sporter I was evaluating recently at Oxfordshire Shooting School on their Sporting layout and the pattern plate and was impressed with the results. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5, 8 and 9 from £156-£169.75.

fiocchi tt two

TT Two is a target load favoured by GB’s Olympic Skeet Team regular Rory Warlow. I put some 28g 7½ shot loads through my Teague-choked Perazzi MX8 and again observed particularly well distributed patterns on the plate and also achieved some very convincing breaks on the high tower and other stands. Available in plastic and fibre wad in 7.5 and 9.5 from £169.80-£193.