Fabarm Elos N2 RS Sporting

Summer 1

RRP FROM: £1,995

The Elos N2 RS Sporting is an update on Farbarm’s already successful Elos N2 shotgun. Designed from the ground up for Sporting clays, the RS model features several specification and design changes that the manufacturer says improve both the aesthetics and handling of the gun.

The primary handling difference comes from the increased weight of the gun. The RS weighs roughly 150g more than its predecessor, with that additional weight coming from its deeper, thicker stock, increased palm swell and extended midrib, which now reaches all the way down to the action. Not only do these features add weight, but they pull the centre of mass back towards the stock and shooter, thereby increasing the gun’s pointability.

The RS also features a rounded forend in a departure from the Schnabel forend of its predecessor. Arguably this is primarily an aesthetic choice, though any ‘finger point’ shooter may find this style more comfortable. The stock and forend of the RS model are now built from oil-finished Turkish walnut as standard.

The Elos N2 RS also comes equipped with an adjustable trigger, adjustable cheekpiece, thick rubber recoil pad and modern, blue-highlighted engravings on the action. Put simply, this is a featurerich update on a popular model at a really fantastic price.


  • Updated version of the Elos N2
  • 10-year mechanical warranty
  • Available with 28" or 30" barrels
  • Turkish walnut stock and forend
  • Excellent price

Where to buy: caesargueriniuk.com

Caldwell Claymore PullPup clay launcher

Summer 2

RRP FROM £98.99

Perhaps the most innovative clay launcher since electronic buttoning was introduced, the Claymore PullPup from Caldwell is available in the UK from Sportsman Gun Centre and aims to keep the target thrower in the action.

According to the manufacturer this handheld unit is capable of launching standard, midi and mini clay targets beyond 50m. The launcher comes with an inbuilt clip to hold clays in place before launch, thereby allowing the user to fire clays off-camber and launch targets at almost any angle. The launch spring tension can also be adjusted to fine-tune launch speeds and target distance. These features make this the ideal launcher for those looking for an easy way to practice a wide range of target presentations on one’s own estate.

The PullPup is fitted with two grip safeties as standard to ensure that the operator’s hands and arms are well out of the launch path, while the device’s open-front design enables for easy clearing should a clay shatter during launch. If nothing else, this bit of kit helps keep any ‘buttoner’ in the action, launching clays and interacting with fellow guns.


  • Handheld clay launcher
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Capable of launching targets beyond 50m
  • Dual grip safeties
  • Ideal for home estate shooting

Where to buy: Sportsmanguncentre.co.uk

Barbour Annandale quilted jacket

Summer 3


The Barbour Annandale quilted jacket’s mixture of fashion stylings and shooter- friendly features makes it an ideal spring/ summer ladies clay ground coat.

The Annandale features flatteringly shaped body seams for a classically feminine silhouette, while the sit-down cord collar and diamond-quilted outer creates that signature Barbour look.
Meanwhile extra-large front pockets are perfect for cartridge storage, while the – admittedly light – quilting can help counter some felt recoil.

The jacket has a 100% polyamid outer and inner loft construction. It’s light enough to be thrown into a kit bag, while still being substantial enough to keep the wearer warm enough on breezier summer days. The jacket is available in UK sizes 8-18 and is machine washable at 40°C.


  • Classic feminine cut
  • Lightweight quilting for warmth
  • Large front pockets
  • Available in a wide range of colours and sizes
  • Machine washable

Where to buy: barbour.com

Schöffel Country All Season Shooting Vest in dark olive

Summer 4

RRP FROM £159.95

Perfect as the British summer starts to heat up, this All-Season Shooting Vest from Schöffel Country’s men’s collection is made from hard-wearing cotton-twill that has been specially treated to offer extra protection against UV rays.

Further, this armless, satin-lined vest comes equipped with two large, reinforced bellows pockets with added draining holes to safely store and keep moisture from shotgun cartridges, while ensuring they remain in easy reach.

The vest also includes hand warming pockets and an adjustable back waist strap for a comfortable fit.

On top of that, the vest features reinforced shoulder patches and comes with a removable recoil pad to help reduce felt recoil and hopefully protect the shooter from unwanted bruising.
The vest is available in dark olive (pictured) or navy and in sizes S to 3XL. 


  • Satin lined
  • Built-in UV protection
  • Hard warming and large bellow pockets
  • Removable recoil pad
  • Machine washable

Where to buy: schoffelcountry.com

Pilla Velociraptor Copa Mundial frame

Summer 5

RRP FROM £225.00

Now available online from Rob Hall’s The Gun Room, the Pilla Velociraptor Copa Mundial frame is a revolution in frame design offering both vertical and pantoscopic frame adjustments
to the shooter, according to the performance-focused eyewear manufacturer.

The vertical hight adjustment offers up to 30mm of travel, allowing the wearer to raise or lower the lens. Meanwhile up to 40° of pantoscopic adjustment lets the user fine-tune the
angle of the lens against the cheek. Not only do these fine adjustments help ensure a perfect fit, but they also allow users to maximise the effectiveness of prescription lenses.
Beyond the lens adjustment abilities, the Velociraptor Copa Mundial frame includes Pilla’s fully adjustable carbon fork temple tips, which wrap around the head to help the glasses stay in position under recoil. Plus, an inbuilt rubber sweat bar further helps with fit and keeps sweat out of the shooter’s eyes.


  • Fully customisable frame
  • Adjustable carbon form temple tips
  • Rubber sweat bar
  • Total weight 24g
  • Lenses sold separately

Where to buy: thegun-room.co.uk