As far as wildfowling cartridges are concerned, it’s go steel or go home – Vic Harker presents three great steel cartridges for wildfowlers

credit: Archant

Hull Cartridge Steel game Extra

A steel load that really inspires confidence. 32g of 4 shot provided one of my friends with three left and right on duck at well over 50 yards. That’s enough for me (and should be for most people)! Price per 1,000: £244

credit: Archant

Eley VIP Steel

This is a highly approved, quality brand. When a non-toxic load is a must, a 32g steel load makes a good all-round choice. For inland shooting around a flight pond it’s a real duck-getter – with the right gun of course. Available in 32g load in shot sizes 3,4 and 5. Price per 1,000: £212

credit: Archant

Lyalvale Express Supreme Steel

This is another non-toxic steel load that really delivers – now available in Express’s premium range. In 4 shot it’s the load to have in your pocket around the flight pond, but is equally effective on the largest birds on the foreshore. Price per 1,000: £224

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