The on-going squeeze in household budgets, caused by rising food and energy prices, means that more people than ever before are turning to their local foodbanks for help.

With foodbanks now outnumbering McDonalds’ outlets, demand is up 100%, while donations are reportedly down by 70%.

Over the coming months, the Country Food Trust wants to deliver hundreds of thousands of meals in support of its mission to get people fed.

The Trust’s nutritional, high protein pouches and pallets of fresh frozen meat are in high demand, welcomed by the hundreds of foodbanks it directly supports. The more money the Trust raises the better able it is to secure the best prices for its bulk purchases of venison, game meats, and turkey.

Every tonne of meat bought by the Trust feeds more than 10,000 people.

SJ Hunt, CEO of The Country Food Trust, said “1 in 5 people in the UK live in poverty, 31% of which are children. This year we are asking our generous doners, and those new to the Charity, to give generously so that we can feed those families at the sharp end of the cost-of-living crisis. By donating to the Trust, you will be helping to ensure that anyone in danger of going hungry can access a balanced diet, one that is rich in protein -the most expensive and difficult nutrient for foodbanks to secure.”