The harvest has been a disaster, and Andy Crow can't take a day off to shoot the pigeons; so, for this video, we spend a day in the combine, rather than the hide, learning about Andy's job as an arable farmer instead...

The weather this year has played havoc for every British arable farmer, and our star Andy Crow is not immune to the troubles! The hold-ups, delays and extra work caused by the horrendously wet summer we've had in the South means he wasn't able to get out to shoot any pigeons at all in August... in fact, he's not been out since we last visited to make the previous film! 

Rather than go a month without seeing his face, we decided instead to make a British farming documentary-style with Andy, to give you lot a better idea of what his working day looks like, and to find out just how tough this year has been for farmers.

When we visited, Andy was on a mission to get the winter wheat crop harvested and onto the drying plates, so we hopped in the cab and annoyed him while he operated the huge combine harvester.

Big bag days in the hide are coming soon, guys, but for now, we hope you enjoy this insight into Andy's day (and night!) job and learn a little more about what it's like to be a farmer. Until next month, enjoy "A day in the life of Andy Crow".

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