Andy Crow is back in the hide for a red letter day on the pigeons! Witness a stunning shooting performance as he drops some stratospherically high flighting birds...

In this episode of Pigeon Shooting with Andy Crow on Shooting & Country TV, we're back out on the pigeons (instead of on the combine harvester!) for some post harvest 'pigeon shooting over stubbles.

With the harvest done and dusted, Crowie's happy as Larry to be back shooting again, and we end up having an absolutely cracking day's shooting over a stubble field. Andy has identified around four flight lines over the field, and positions his hide in the centre with some decoys and a whirlie, hoping to tempt the birds off their flight lines and into shootable range. 

It doesn't quite go to plan, but the bonus is that you get to see Crow at his absolute best - shooting those high flighting pigeons as they soar overhead. You're in for a treat... enjoy!

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