Andy Crow is back in the pigeon hide, trying to protect his winter wheat drillings; there's no wind, and the pigeons that were decimating the crop just days ago seem to be causing problems elsewhere!

In this episode of Pigeon Shooting with Andy Crow on Shooting & Country TV, we're back in the hide and Andy is trying to clear up a few pigeons that have been getting onto his winter wheat drillings. There is no wind to speak of, and deciding where to place the hide is the first problem on the list... choose the wrong spot and the noise of gun shots will scare off every approaching pigeon before they even see the decoys!

Short daylight hours add to the conundrum, as does the fact that they are surrounded by fields of equally tasty morsels which the birds are just as likely to head for as they are the drillings. Andy, Gary and their friend Freddie spread out in three hides, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. There's no denying the lads are in for a tough day, but if they can protect the crop by keeping the birds moving off it for the day, they've done a good job. See how they get on in this month's installment.

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