Andy Crow gives us his top tips for using flappers and rotaries in your decoy pattern, helping you in your mission to pigeon shooting greatness!

credit: Archant

Flappers and rotaries can be a valuable addition to your pigeon decoying bag, but only if you know the best way to use them. Ever wondered how to prevent the sun shining off the arms of your rotary? Or the best way to prepare your pigeons for the flapper? Andy “Crowman” Crow shares some top tips and general advice to help you make the best use of your flapper and rotary when pigeon shooting.

This series has been made in association with UK Shootwarehouse, which provides a wide array of pigeon shooting kit including decoys, flappers, hide building equipment, cradles and camo nets – it is one of Andy Crow’s choice suppliers for part of his extensive pigeon shooting arsenal. UK Shootwarehouse also sells a huge range of clothing, accessories, wildfowling decoys and equipment, optics and gundog equipment.


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