It's taboo, it's controversial, but in this case, it's a done as a sensible solution to a problem which could become increasingly common...

Drennan Kenderdine takes the plunge and goes game shooting with a semi-auto shotgun on a traditional UK shoot held in Anglesey, Wales. You can watch Drennan's chat with the gamekeeper to get his take on the subject here.

There is method to the madness - Drennan has some beautiful eco-friendly high performance steel cartridges to shoot, and although they do the job of bringing down the birds AND protecting the environment, they don't half generate some recoil!

For those in their later years, it's not fun being kicked about all day on a shoot, so this experiment was conducted to see whether shooting high performance steel shells through a semi-automatic shotgun (a gas-operated Beretta A400 Upland in this case), is a good solution to the conundrum of wanting to shoot high performance steel on game birds, without having to see a chiropractor!


  • Gun - Beretta A400 Upland - GMK Ltd 
  • Cartridges - Lyalvale Express High Performance Ultimate Steel (Green Core wad)
  • Clothing - Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper Jacket & Breeks, Heat Inner Waistcoat, Kingston Merino Knit V-Neck, and Gateway 1 Wellies