Starting on the vast, basin-shaped permission that is surrounded by pig and sheep farming, he gets off to a great start with some phenomenal long-range daytime fox shooting.

It's a tough bit of land to keep control of, as the bareness and sheer size make catching up with the resident foxes a nightmare... luckily, Mark doesn't have to get too close to get the job done!

Following this, it's off to the local golf course, where the foxes cause endless issues for the owner and also completely fail to keep the rabbit population in check! The success story continues as Mark swaps to his night time set-up with the InfiRay TH50 thermal scope proving to be the perfect tool for the job at hand. We all know this guy's lethal... but he really has outdone himself this time!

Mark Ripley's foxing kit bag

Thermal and Night Vision - Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF Pro and InfiRay TH50 thermal scope 

Clothing and accessories - Ridgeline BelowZero padded jacket in Dirt camo

Daytime optics - Element Nexus day scope

Scope mounts - Sportsmatch Quick Release one-piece mount (medium weaver/picatinny rail 30mm)