In this episode of Tim's Wild Kitchen on Shooting & Country TV, chef Tim Maddams of River Cottage fame is on a mission to shoot a pink foot goose from the wild and windy Scottish landscape.

There are thousands of geese flighting over, but none come within range of the shotgun on the first or the second attempt. As darkness begins to fall, the team crouch in a hide at Last Chance Saloon, and in a moment of pure brilliant, Tim gets his goose down by moonlight (with a hefty dose of pure determination!).

To honour the wonderful, wild meat that he worked so hard to get, Tim showcases the beautiful bird by cold-smoking the goose breasts and serving them in a stunning winter salad laced with toasted walnuts. Along with the cold smoked goose breast recipe, there is a warming "hot toddy" recipe, which we take along for the final attempt to ward of the icy cold. 

This is as wild as wild food cooking gets! Enjoy it... we certainly did. 

Bradley Smoker 
Country Sport Scotland
The Borders Distillery