Welcome to episode 1 of Tim's Wild Kitchen, a new monthly series airing on our YouTube channel - Shooting & Country TV.
Over the next six months, chef Tim Maddams of River Cottage fame will be scampering about Scotland where he lives, hunting, shooting, fishing and foraging wild things to take back to his kitchen, smoke, and cook.

credit: S&CTV

Wild game cooking - field to fork
If you are interested in sustainable food, wild food cooking, foraging, "field to fork" eating, smoking meat, eating and cooking with game, you're in the right place. All produce featured in this series has been gathered locally and is truly wild and sustainable. The emphasis is on wild game cooking, and all the meat will be hot or cold smoked prior to cooking. As the series progresses, we will be wild fishing and foraging and showing you just what can be done with game meat and fish... if you know how!

In this first episode, Tim is cooking with wild rabbit and creates an insanely delicious recipe that shows this simple meat in a whole new light - he hunts, preps, cold-smokes then roasts the loins and serves with asparagus, wild garlic and sorrel. Enjoy it, and don't miss the bonus episode where he uses the legs and some free range egg to make a "Maddams Muffin".

Kit bag
Clothing and footwear - Sasta, Crispi and Woolpower, distributed by Outwear Ltd
Optics - Swarovski Optik  
Hot/cold digital smoker - Bradley Smoker 

This series is raising awareness for The Country Food Trust, a charity founded in 2015 with the sole aim of feeding people in need. They do so by producing game-based ready meals which they distribute to charities that hand out food to people in need. They also buy and provide meats of all types and donate it to charities that cook for people in need.
Tim Maddams is their Consultant Chef and has developed their three ready meals: Venison Bolognese, Pheasant Casserole and Pheasant Curry. Since inception The Country Food Trust have delivered more than 2,000,000 meals. For more information and to donate, click here 

credit: Cervus UK