In this episode, we learn how to begin to train your dog to understand the left or right command, and the “go back” command, using a combination of two exercises.

Andy shows the different methods used to train directional commands to retriever breeds and to hunting breeds, in order to help the different types of dogs best understand what is being asked of them.  Finally, two of the Cotswold Gundog team use more established dogs (one Labrador, and one Spaniel) to demonstrate what the more polished version of these exercises should look like.

If your dog is at the stage where you want to begin introducing directional commands, these two exercises are ideal for helping you train left and right commands, and the back command. They can be made easier by decreasing the distance between the dog, trainer and dummy, or harder by increasing the distance and adding in cover and obstacles.

Cotswold Gundogs trains dogs for field work, such as beating and picking-up, and always keeps in mind that most gundogs are also well-loved family pets. The focus is on building a relationship with the dog and keeping things low pressure and fun, especially while these younger dogs are still learning the ropes.

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