In our third gundog training video with Howard Kirby of Mullenscote Gundogs, Howard shows us a training exercise you can practice at home that will help teach your dog not to swap birds in the field.

The problem arises when you are working your dog on a shoot day, you send the dog for a retrieve, and there are two or more birds on the ground. The ideal scenario is that your dog will choose one bird and retrieve it neatly to hand, before waiting to be sent to retrieve the next game bird, if that is your intention.

What often happens in reality is that the dog will pick one bird, spot the others lying enticingly close, and develop a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)! He might try to cram another bird into his mouth (never very successful), or he may drop the one he was originally carrying and grab another...

Whatever happens, it will probably not end in a nice, neat retrieve, and it is essential that you are training to not swap birds before your gundog encounters this scenario in the field.

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