Episode 5 of Clay Shooter TV is jam packed full of great video content made just for clay shooters!

In our technique section, Simon shows us what to do when you miss a target, providing solid tips and advice to self-correct and work your way through the issues until you successfully smash that clay.

In news, we have a Beretta World special section featuring an interview with GMK Ltd head honcho, Karl Waktare, and Georgina Robert has another clay shooting competition tip – this time, it’s all about gun fit.

In the guns and gear section of the show, Drennan Kenderdine presents a Yildiz Pro Colour Case Hardened 12-bore review, followed by a review of Fiocchi’s wonderful F Black Fibre in 28g No.8. Tune in for the show – made just for clay shooters – every month on Shooting & Country TV (S&C TV).

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