The ProFlex DX5 from CENS offers next generation hearing protection. Featuring five digitally optimised modes: Game, Clay, Range, Wireless Comms and Hunter, as well as a dedicated mute function.

The ProFlex DX5 is a lightweight, unobtrusive, super comfortable alternative to the ear muff style of protection, custom-made to fit the individual contours of your ear.

The five optimised modes are:

Game Mode:

Optimised for game shooters. Following a gunshot, the device activates reducing output levels to keep the shooter safe from harmful noise. The sound level then immediately returns to normal, allowing the user to hear approaching quarry. This mode also includes wind noise reduction.

Clay Mode:

Optimised for the clay shooter where guns are typically fired at a faster rate with other shooters nearby also firing, leaving the user exposed to more prolonged loud levels. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the mode.

Range Mode:

Optimised for those users firing on indoor ranges or with larger calibre weapons. Ambient awareness is still provided although the reduced output levels may degrade close conversation. Double protection is still advised in this type of environment.

Wireless Comms:

This mode is optimised for general shooting, providing ambient awareness but with the added feature of wireless audio input via the supplied neck loop. If true two-way communication is required, we offer an optional SRC harness.

Hunter Mode:

Optimised for the hunter/stalker. The amplification of quieter sounds is reduced compared to other modes in order that the sounds of footsteps on dry forestation and grass are reduced so as not to be annoying to the user. This mode also includes wind noise reduction.


 The controls on the DX5 have been redesigned from the original ProFlex; the analogue rotary volume control has been replaced with a digital multi-switch, which is used to change both the mode, and the volume.

The ProFlex DX5 is available in the full CENS range of Metalik colours. It also features Volume and Mode Auto-Save so you can pick up where you left off.

As with the entire CENS range of custom electronic hearing protection, the ProFlex DX5 comes with an extended two-year warranty, Water-Shield hydrophobic protection and is tested and certified to CE EN352 - giving you peace of mind whilst shooting.

What more could you ask for when protecting your hearing? After all, once its damaged, you can’t get it back again.

Pro shooter Becky McKenzie says of the DX5: “I’ve been using CENS Digital for over one year now, and I’ve just been upgraded to the CENS ProFlex DX5. Wow, what an upgrade indeed!

“The DX5 fits into my original earpiece, and they now feature a power button, which is handy. I use the CLAY mode, and every time I turn on the DX5s, it holds the same mode, which is perfect.

“The clarity of these electronic ear plugs is fantastic, I can turn them up or down, depending if I’m shooting or coaching. They are a pleasure to use. You only have one set of ears people, protect them with the best!”

For over 30 years, CENS digital from Puretone has revolutionised hearing protection, boasting the ultimate in comfort, performance, style and safety. During that time, it’s continued to push the boundaries of technology and expectation with its range of state-of-the-art modular earplugs, designed exclusively for shooters.

All CENS digital products are rigorously tested to EN352 standards & CE marked as Category III PPE and come with a two-year warranty as standard. The CENS digital range is manufactured by Puretone, an award-winning market leader in hearing protection and hearing care with nearly half a century of experience in bringing the very best in ear products to customers, professionals and the industry.

Every ProFlex DX device is custom-made to fit the individual’s ear contours, making them compact, lightweight and super-comfortable. They’re available in a wide range of models, styles and colours, with options available for every shooter, in every discipline.

The patented ProFlex DX earplugs use digital microprocessors optimised and programmed by experienced shooters and technicians. Packed with the latest performance features, they include the newest and most advanced cutting-edge technology on the market.

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Closing date: 15 November 2024