This new double-entry run-through trap from Quill Productions was made in readiness for the June amendments to the Trapping Act... make sure you comply!

credit: Archant

With the current trapping consultation, it seemed fitting to present this brand-new trap box from Quill. The new DOC trap box comes complete with a DOC 150 Trap secured inside the box, and the whole unit is priced at a very reasonable £49 + VAT.

Quill has been designing and successfully trialling this with industry bodies over the last few years in readiness for the DOC 150 trap to be approved as a double-entry run-through trap in the June amendments of the Spring Trap Act. Quill is already manufacturing these in readiness for the legislation amendment to the new requirements, and is taking forward orders.

There are fixed internal baffles within the box to ensure that the trap cannot be jumped, ensuring a clean head kill. The benefit of the plastic box means that it protects the trap from peaty soils which can erode metal and the plastic is impregnated with aniseed oil to improve 
catching rates.

You can also buy the DOC 150 trap separately as Quill is now the UK importer of the trap from New Zealand.

RRP: DOC trap box unit, £49 + VAT; DOC 150 trap only, £27 + VAT 
Call 01258 818239 if you’d like to pre-order your DOC trap box